How It Works

What to Expect from Your Coaching Experience

The goal of the leadership coaching process is to help you be your own best coach. Although the process varies among clients who have specific needs and objectives, there are a few constants in the general flow of all relationships.

The First Meeting

  • Test for chemistry
  • Why and how to use a coach
  • Resolve confidentiality concerns

Getting the Facts (Learn About Yourself)

  • 360° interviews
  • Assessments
  • Review current business goals and recent performance
  • Identify strengths to exploit

Setting Goals (Shaping Performance & Perception)

  • Identify two key behavioral goals
  • Get buy-in from your boss
  • Identify stakeholders to provide feedback along the way


  • Expanding management options
  • Exploring skills that matter
  • The right tools at the right time
  • Shadowing the client
  • Possible support for your team

Reaching Your Goals

  • Revisit 360° interviews
  • Summary evaluation from stakeholders
  • Prepare for final review with your boss
  • Ongoing development planning

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