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Michael Klein

Managing Director, Private Asset Management

Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc.

Willy Steiner has supported our team for several years and has assisted in countless ways. He has:

– Made us more accountable for the commitments we make to each other and the team;

– Provided valuable insights about how we work together;

– Encouraged us to work “ON” our business instead of just conducting business;

– Helped us shape our communications and encouraged the involvement of our whole staff.

I fully endorse Willy and his contributions to the success of our team.

Years of working with groups have taught us that well-designed and executed dialogue can help teams enhance their ability to be as effective as possible.

We often hear that teams are too busy “DOING business” to have time to work “ON the business”. Our team development consulting focuses on inter-group issues that often go unaddressed, using tools to drive team productivity and individual effectiveness that are efficient from both a time and expense perspective.

Our team coaching and development tools include:

Stakeholder Centered Team Coaching

Who It’s For:

  • Existing teams struggling with communication, performance, or accountability;
  • Newly formed teams charged with significant and challenging deliverables

What It Is:

  • Based upon the Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder centered coaching model;
  • Dual focus on team performance and the contributions of each individual team member;
  • Improves communication, shapes individual and team behavior, and creates better dialogue among all teammates;
  • Results are clearly defined and measured;
  • Usually 6 months duration

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Do More / Do Less Team Experience

Who It’s For:

  • Existing teams seeking improved levels of collaboration and communication

What It Is:

  • Team members complete a short summary on each team member, addressing what they should do more of, do less of and what should stay the same;
  • Each team member creates a contract regarding one or two behaviors that will facilitate improved team performance;
  • This can be accomplished in 4 short segments totaling 7 to 8 hours over four months

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Visual Explorer: Developing or Re-establishing a Vision

Who It’s For:

  • Existing teams seeking to re-energize or refocus themselves;
  • Creates a contrast between where we are and where we want to be;
  • Helps leaders understand how to create alignment where needed

What It Is:

  • An interactive team exercise using over 100 vivid and diverse photos;
  • Facilitated discussions assist the team in reaching a consensus on the topic in question, clearly revealing current thinking and perspectives;
  • Can be accomplished in 3 hours with a demonstrable outcome

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