Michael J. Schroeder

CEO, Private Wealth Management Group

Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc.

Willy Steiner’s approach to coaching brought me immediate benefits. In his initial evaluation, I received meaningful information and feedback that I could act upon right away—and during my work with Willy, that stream of meaningful, useful information has remained constant.

Better yet, all of us who work with Willy continue to see concrete, constant benefits: we have a better understanding of how we think, how we process information, and we can now zero in on the best approach to resolve the challenges of our industry-and in less time.

Teresita Hogan

Director, Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Resurrection Medical Center

Willy Steiner made my interests and my success his paramount concern. Thanks to his leadership skills, I have improved mine. Thanks to his expertise, I now analyze issues in performance-based terms, instead allowing personalities and politics to blur my perspective.

Anyone who must provide leadership within the context of a difficult political structure or within a cumbersome hierarchy will benefit from his expertise and insights. And the benefits are easy to achieve: Willy is flexible and accommodating-and completely trustworthy. I knew I could discuss the most confidential details without reservation.

Dean Mallett

Vice President & General Manager

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

My work with Willy Steiner at Executive Coaching Concepts has been transformative. The depth of the work that he and I get done goes to the heart of how I think, perceive, and act.

Willy helped me to see that leadership is not just about my job: it’s about who I am. I have learned to see myself more congruently—what I do at work, who I am at home, what leaders do.

If being a leader is your chosen craft, and you want to polish your craft, then working with Willy is a sure way to master your chosen vocation.

Bryce Edwards

Vice Chairman (former)

Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc.

Executive Coaching is like improving your golf swing: You can’t evaluate your golf swing yourself. You need a golf coach watching your swing, and you can’t evaluate your executive swing without help either: You need an executive coach.

I’ve found the Executive Coaching process so valuable I’ve extended our original agreement.

Will Matthews

Director, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Navistar International Transportation Corp.

The personal profile I received from ECC was invaluable and helped me understand how I was perceived by others, and how I could build on my strengths and address my weaknesses.

I have recommended ECC to my peers—not because they have problems—but because I know Executive Coaching can make a huge, positive difference in the degree of success one enjoys professionally.

Anne Cordes

Account Executive

Association Management Center

I have recommended Executive Coaching Concepts to many other executives because I found their approach thorough and flexible.

Willy Steiner and his colleagues had the business background and the interpersonal skills necessary to help me function more effectively, and to enjoy my work more.

Together, we analyzed the kinds of situations that confounded me, and we found ways to work around or through them using approaches I know I will apply again and again.

Rita Schaefer

Executive Vice President

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Willy Steiner is the outside “voice” that my company needs.

He has coached employees at every level in my organization, and has moved my future executives to a higher level of business agility and leadership.

Good leaders are created in an atmosphere of honesty, integrity and trust, and those three traits are the benchmarks of Executive Coaching Concepts.

Scott Engle


Association Management Center

The folks at Executive Coaching Concepts have worked with most of our executive team, primarily with the Leadership Learning Lab. Our leaders have become more effective as measured by feedback from those they serve and lead.

The shared coaching experience has had another positive by-product: they are more cohesive as an operating group because of the interactions within the program and the dialogue it has fostered.

Our people are our greatest asset and we feel the investment we have made in them from ECC is paying off every day.

Isidora K. Lagos

Principal, Brand Marketing & Communications

William Blair & Company

Willy Steiner’s approach to executive leadership coaching was both efficient and convenient for me. Our face-to-face meetings in my office were focused and practical. His insights allowed us to size up the situation, target an issue, and zero in on a plan. There was nothing “canned” about the solutions we generated; it was tailored to my specific needs and style. Willy also assisted me in reaching out to my team, both for support during this process and buy-in moving forward.

Michael B. Adams

Vice President, Systems Architecture

TANDBERG Television | Ericsson Group

My relationship with Willy Steiner and Executive Coaching Concepts has been very valuable for several reasons:

– The opportunity to get broad, objective feedback on how I was perceived in the organization for the very first time;

– Developing a change strategy based on this feedback that helped me exploit my strengths and improve my “radar detection” of areas of risk or blind spots;

– I reconnected with the power and benefit of my own instincts and enhanced my confidence listening to what my “gut” tells me.

I have also valued being able to stay in touch with my coach; he’s always ready to listen and help.

Russell P. Schwei

Managing Director, Operations

Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc.

My work with Willy Steiner of Executive Coaching Concepts has encouraged me to be more aware of others perspectives in collaborating for solutions. I listen better! My team and I are more productive, both among ourselves and with our internal clients. I have really seen others shine with this focus and that is very gratifying. It was enlightening to me to see that the risk of delegating more has been negated by the enhanced quality of our collective wisdom.

Dieter Rottsieper

CFO & Business Manager (former)

MaK Motoren GmbH & Co. KG | A Caterpillar Company

Willy Steiner is the consummate professional. He has a profound knowledge of conflict resolution strategies and, even more important, he’s not the typical consultant who gives you only theoretical advice. His advice is practical and effective. He knows what he’s talking about because he’s been there. Thanks to Executive Coaching, I am reaching higher levels of excellence because I’ve learned how to redefine what “doing my best” means.