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Leadership Speaker, Willy Steiner

For more than 20 years, Willy has been working with Fortune 100 leaders to hone their own best leadership skills to drive the results they need while elevating their personal reputations as leaders. His recent book, Discover the Joy of Leadership: A Practical Guide to Resolving Your Management Challenges, has been universally praised by executives young and old.

Whether speaking to a large group or a small leadership team, Willy offers time-tested models and theories, using real-world examples. He helps audiences understand not only how to lead organizations and managing people more effectively, but also how to enjoy the process.

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Speaking Topics

Cultivating Valuable Relationships: Develop and Work Your Connections

Creating and maintaining good relationships is critical to success. Learn some innovative ways to make connections with others work and how trust is the lubricant that makes things work well. We’ll also explore:

  • Looking at our current relationships with a model that contrasts getting agreement with developing trust;
  • How we make it hard to develop trust;
  • Why we need to be consistently constructive and candid in our dialogue with others to maintain good relationships
  • Making this a part of your current networking efforts.

You will walk away with several actionable steps to enhance your relationships right away

Delivering Results in an Era of Disruptive Change

How do you score when they keep moving the target? That’s what happens in times of disruptive change. We’ll discuss how to assess the impacts of changes on your team and the key responsibilities for staying ahead of the curve. We’ll examine:

  • Background on the change process;
  • A key change model that can help guide your behavior for your team;
  • Do’s and Don’ts of leading a transition;
  • Creating and maintaining a sense of urgency during the transition.

You’ll learn practical solutions for bringing your team along each step of the way.

Let Your Story Out: How to Construct Great Business Stories

Stories have been a mainstay of passing culture along and regardless of the quality of your slides, it’s your stories that complement your message that will be remembered. This session will give you a formula for crafting a great story and express yourself in more impactful and influential ways. We will:

  • Focus on the intent of the story you seek to develop;
  • Steps of constructing a great story;
  • Networking and Storytelling;
  • Final tips on telling memorable stories.

You will walk away with the beginnings of a story and path to enhanced success.

Discover the Joy of Leadership: A Career’s Worth of Leadership Insights

Leadership is about vision and alignment to that vision. But we don’t get to the leadership side of the equation unless these management realities are handled:

  • Things happen in a timely manner;
  • Change is anticipated and planned for;
  • Our messages are communicated clearly and convincingly;
  • We develop and nurture solid relationships all around us.

This talk gives us a practical overview and provides opportunities to plan your own path. You will walk away with compelling action items to help you become a better leader.

What Others Are Saying

Louise Ristau CAE

Executive Director APA

Association Management Center

I recently saw Willy present “Delivering Results in an Era of Disruptive Change” at the Association Forum’s CEO Summit. He is a clear and compelling speaker, with great stories to back up his most critical points and help us connect to the topic. It was clear that he had done his homework and was able to provide us with calls to action that are relevant to the challenges we encounter. Willy’s message was delivered with empathy for us and the tough choices we face in our business.

Maryam Saleh


Abundant Venture Partners

Willy taught a variety leadership topics in a 4-part workshop series at MATTER – he is a master of his material. He responds well to his audience – from Millennials to Boomers – and comes alive in front of a room. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to immediately put his teachings to use and consult him about it at the next class. He is a pro and knows how to give practical advice.

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